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All you need to know about X ads revenue sharing program 2023

Social media giant X, formerly known as Twitter, has introduced its inaugural payouts for participants enrolled in its Ad revenue-sharing initiative.

The Creator X ads revenue sharing program was launched by X last month, and today, numerous subscribers of Twitter Blue are beginning to receive compensation.

This monetary distribution is exclusively accessible to content creators who registered for the ad revenue-sharing program.

X, under the ownership of Elon Musk, had initially announced that payments would commence at the close of July. However, the company faced delays in meeting this commitment due to the overwhelming influx of subscribers.

Presently, a multitude of influencers and content producers, both in Nigeria and across the globe, are expressing elation as they report receipt of payment notifications from X. Notwithstanding, a significant number of Nigerians and internet users remain uninformed regarding this recent trend.

All you need to know about X ads revenue sharing program
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What is X Ads Revenue Sharing Program?

X, formerly recognized as Twitter, is capitalizing on advertisements embedded within tweet responses, thereby compensating creators for a portion of the advertising revenue generated from ads featured in responses to their posts.

Consequently, X introduced the ad revenue-sharing program with the aim of enticing marketers back to the platform and revitalizing Twitter’s advertising earnings, which had experienced a substantial decline since Elon Musk’s acquisition in a deal valued at approximately $44 billion last year.

This revenue-sharing initiative operates on a global scale. According to the company, its payment processing system presently covers more than 100 countries, encompassing Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, and several other African nations.

The program exemplifies X’s efforts to enable individuals across the world to directly earn a livelihood through its platform.

At the beginning of this year, X boasted over 4.95 million users in Nigeria, a number projected to surge as a result of this program and the incentives it offers, consequently fostering digital inclusion in Nigeria as more individuals seek to engage with the company’s advertising resources.

How to Qualify for X Ads Revenue Sharing Program

It is important to note that mere registration and usage of the social media platform do not automatically render an individual eligible for participation in the sharing program.

According to the company’s stipulations, to qualify for creator ads revenue sharing, a user must possess a subscription to Blue or Verified status and must maintain a minimum of 500 followers.

Furthermore, the user’s cumulative posts must have garnered at least 15 million organic impressions within the preceding 3 months.


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